Car Protection


For further information on pricing, please contact our after care consultant Tara Turney on 03 9569 0811.

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Surface Coating - ensures the paint surface areas of your vehicle are protected.

Leather Coating - preserves and protects the feel and aroma of new leather upholstery.

Vinyl Coating - formed to protect damage caused by temperature fluctuations.

Carpet/Fabric Coating - for durable and invisible protection.

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X-PACK Vehicle Protection Pack

X-PACK HiGloss Surface Coating - Provides an outstanding and brilliant shine. Titanium dioxide Ti02 helps oxidize (break down) surface contaminates.

X-PACK Leather Preserver - Deep down moisturising protection. High quality lanolin ingredients.

X-PACK Carpet & Fabric Protector - Coats the fibres. Water-based, non solvent, and environmentally friendly.

X-PACK Vinyl Conditioner - UV stabilised against discolouration. Proven formula, includes leather scent.

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Street Legal Window Film

Darkest legal Window Film.

Maximum protection that reflects your style.

Exceptional UV and heat rejection.

Enjoy privacy, glare protection & heat reduction.

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Bluetooth Devices

We have a wide range of quality bluetooth devices available.

  • Safer driving: avoid fines while comfortably making and receiving calls with your bluetooth device
  • Choose the right system that suits you, your phone compatibility and vehicle make
  • Discrete design that fits seamlessly inside the car

*Benefits may vary per device

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Parking Sensors

Increase safety and minimise injury while reversing, the Front and Rear Parking Distance Sensors are an in-built warning system that, when reversing, helps avoid collisions preventing pedestrian injury and costly vehicle damage.

  • Discrete design, discreetly colour coded heads to match vehicle paintwork
  • Great coverage and quality, these systems provide you with a greater awareness of your surroundings with its unique zone detectors
  • Safe and secure, avoiding unforeseeable accidents and comfortable driving is simply priceless
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Headrest DVD Player

We are proud to offer these innovative factory-fit DVD headrest, which are custom made to match and suit your vehicle interior trim.

  • Sleek and unique design - extensive range of upholstery colours to suit your vehicles interior
  • Mini USB port
  • SD card reader
  • 1 X AV input
  • 1 X AV output
  • Resolution: 800X480
UV Protection Window Films
UV Protection Window Films

UV Protection Window Films

Dark Window Film for maximum looks.

Reduces UV exposure associated with increased risk of skin cancer.

UPF 50+ protection rated film for maximum protection.

Up to 60% glare reduction for safer driving.

UV Protection Window Films

Reduces UV exposure associated with increased risk of skin cancer.

UPF 50+ protection rated film for maximum protection.

Up to 60% glare reduction for safer driving.

Reverse Camera

Reverse Camera

Feel the comfort of having eyes in the back of your head with the reverse camera and monitor. The ease of reversing will be obvious when you experience the difference this system makes, as you can physically see behind your car.

Choice of either:

  • 3.5" colour LCD monitor with rear camera option

  • Rear view mirror replacement and
    LCD monitor all in one


Roof Mounted DVD Player

This innovative, state-of-the-art DVD system presents advanced technology and intelligent design, featuring impressive sound and picture quality.

  • Widescreen LCD monitor for high resolution
  • System includes 2 infrared headphones and remote control
  • Convenient and simple-to-use
  • Installed with exceptional quality